What it means

Founders that compete and succeed in our tournaments deeply understand their industry domain can think of their feet, have the ability to dynamically articulate their stance on a variety of issues and most importantly are competitive.

Pitch Madness knows an entrepreneur can build something special almost anywhere. We recognize that talent, knowledge, entrepreneurs, and venture capital exists outside of Silicon Valley and we look to leverage our unique format to identify the cinderella stories that come from focusing on the unique characteristics that make up a founder over the typical stereotypes associated with startup success.

Our platform focuses on the humans that are building the products and not what school you went to or the in-Vogue industry vertical of the week.

We look at success through the lens of sports, where looking good on paper only lasts so long.

Our Founders

Mark Isakov

Partha Unnava

Adam Jones

Jessica Primavera

Julian Alvarez

Justin Mitchell

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