What it means

Judges that are involved with Pitch Madness are Angel Investors, VC's and High Profile Executives that consistently invest in early-stage companies and or have the ability to facilitate business opportunities for founders that are difficult to access.

Judges can participate in two different show concepts that our Pitch Madness organizes: Tiebreaker and Primetime VC.

Tiebreaker is a head2head founder debate contest where startup founders debate and discuss a variety of business situations and scenarios that test their leadership and business capabilities. Judges watch this debates and provide unfiltered feedback and analysis along with their decision on who they felt won the debate.

Primetime VC is a debate show just for VC's, Angels and Tech Execs.

Our Judges

Kai Bond

Dave Meltzer

Aia Sarycheva

Aj Vaynerchuk

Wayne Kimmel

John Salley

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